Month: April 2019

Learn to Save: More Money at the End of the Month Thanks to a Simple Trick

When you were completely broke despite your regular income and didn’t even know how to satisfy your hunger tomorrow, you decided that this would never happen again.

Never again will I have to go through that again!

You have set yourself the goal of regularly putting aside part of your income for bad times instead of spending your entire salary on unnecessary clothes, overpriced drinks, magazines full of advertising and other junk.

Your wise decision wasn’t made that long ago, but now you’re on the brink of ruin again and seem to have learned nothing at all from your past mistakes.

Does this dilemma seem familiar to you?

How could that happen?

Welcome to a world where many people wake up every morning.

Why saving money is so difficult

People make their purchasing decisions on the basis of feelings. The option that promises the best bottom line feelings wins the contract.

And let’s be honest: I can afford 10 Dollars for this magazine now.

Only over a longer period of time the painful amounts come together, which can break us in the case of emergency the neck. With each individual purchase decision it concerns however always only an insignificant amount, which one can always justify somehow before itself.

Each small edition of only $5.50 for a latte macchiato here or the thirty-ninth pair of shoes for $29 (special offer!) there is not exactly earth-shattering in itself.

As already mentioned, every single purchase decision is made on the basis of feelings. …