How to Save on Internet Service

by mfd on March 17, 2009

I’ve worked in the Internet service industry for almost 10 year and along with my recent change in internet service providers I’ve put together a list of ways to save on internet service. Here is what my experience has taught me:

1: Understand your Usage Patterns – this is probably one of the most important ones. People don’t understand how they utilize their internet service. If you just check your email and read blogs then you should look at your providers cheaper plans. If you download a lot movies and music then you might want to look at your providers pricier plans. What you want to accomplish here is to pay for only as much internet service as you need and not incur any sort of over usage charges.

2: Promotional Offers - a lot of people seem to sign up for internet service and then never think about it again. If you call your provider and ask for any current promotions to be applied to your account they’ll do it lickdy split. You could save $10-$20 every month with a simple call and nearly no fuss or hassle.

3: Speak to Retentions - Try speaking to the retentions department. If you threaten to cancel your service or let them know you’ve found a cheaper service provider they’ll offer you discounts to keep you as a customer. Remember it’s their job to retain you as a customer. People may feel apprehensive about this but the hardest part will be finding the time to actually make the call.

4: Check for a Referral Program - If you like your service provider you might consider recommending them to friends and family. If you’re going to refer people to the provider you might as well check to see if they offer some additional incentives. Providers that have a referral program will either give you a one time credit or if you’re lucky an ongoing monthly discount. Call and find out.

5: Ask if they have Group Plans - Maybe your employers have a group plan with a provider at a discounted rate. Some providers will even allow you and a group of friends/co-workers to form a group. This way everyone gets a discount and the provider encourages customer loyalty. It doesn’t hurt to call and ask.

The X Factor

At the end of the day price takes a back seat to customer service. Murphy’s Law says that your internet service will go down at the worse possible time. The last thing you want is to be struggling with your ISP to get your service up and going so you can complete that critical project for work. A few bucks is no substitute for the time and aggravation that you’ll spend talking with bad support as they stumble to find their way through their flow charts. Find the provider with the best support and then chip away at their price to get to something you’re happy with.

Would you sacrifice good support for a cheaper price ?


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