A Week in Review: Edition #4

by mfd on March 28, 2009

This week I wrote about how Bell reaffirmed my belief in its ability to deliver bad service. I also talked about the feeling that debt repayment gives and also how I’m feeling about my money tree dying.

Carnivals This Week:

How to Save on Internet Service made it into Learn The Basics of Investing – Edition #197 of Carnival of Personal Finance over at Four Pillars.

The Value of a Phone Call made it into Festival of Frugality #170 – Frugal Living is Timeless over at Money Ning.

For Your Viewing Pleasure:

This week I’ve embedded a video of Daniel Hannan giving the British Prime Minister a verbal thrashing on the state of the economy.¬† I don’t fully know the politics of Mr. Hannan but the speech itself is inspiring.

Around The Personal Finance  Blogoshpere:

1- Spilling Buckets notes an unpleasant parity between the book the book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and the recent tax on AIG executive bonuses. Is it possible we are moving towards a world where success is punished ?

2 – Oblivious Investor shows that over the course of 30 years stocks are safer than bonds and offer a better return.¬† Makes me wonder since I’m planning on retiring in 25 years.

3 - Canadian Capitalist gives an overview of the harmonization tax (HST). I don’t like it but it would be easier to swallow if all the excess taxes went to paying down Ontario’s $162 billion in debt.

4 – Thicken My Wallet discusses how a dividend cut may not be the worse thing for a company. There were a lot of solid companies that have cut their dividends during this recession that will come out stronger for it.

5 – The Strump brings up the idea of food co-ops. I like this concept and works well if you’re close with your neighbors.

6 – Dividends4Life notes some warning signs of upcoming dividend cuts. Another great article to add to my collection which will help me develop my own strategy.

7 – Michael James graphs breakeven dates for market timers. A visual aid helps represent how long you would have to wait before you breakeven.

8 – The Financial Blogger reminds us why market timing doesn’t work. Its important to be reminded because its easy to get caught in the in market.

9 – Give Me Back My Five Bucks answers a reader’s question about her shift in focus from debt repayment to spending in her article posts. An interesting read about striking a balance in your life.

10 – Canadian Finance Blog talks about how to negotiate a deal with an emphasis on being prepared to walk away.



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