A Week in Review: Edition #4

by mfd on March 28, 2009

This week I wrote about how Bell reaffirmed my belief in its ability to deliver bad service. I also talked about the feeling that debt repayment gives and also how I’m feeling about my money tree dying.

Carnivals This Week:

How to Save on Internet Service made it into Learn The Basics of Investing – Edition #197 of Carnival of Personal Finance over at Four Pillars.

The Value of a Phone Call made it into Festival of Frugality #170 – Frugal Living is Timeless over at Money Ning.

For Your Viewing Pleasure:

This week I’ve embedded a video of Daniel Hannan giving the British Prime Minister a verbal thrashing on the state of the economy.¬† I don’t fully know the politics of Mr. Hannan but the speech itself is inspiring.

Around The Personal Finance  Blogoshpere:

1- Spilling Buckets notes an unpleasant parity between the book the book [cbc:-ca]Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand [/cbc][cbc:+ca]Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand [/cbc] and the recent tax on AIG executive bonuses. Is it possible we are moving towards a world where success is punished ?

2 – Oblivious Investor shows that over the course of 30 years stocks are safer than bonds and offer a better return.¬† Makes me wonder since I’m planning on retiring in 25 years.

3 - Canadian Capitalist gives an overview of the harmonization tax (HST). I don’t like it but it would be easier to swallow if all the excess taxes went to paying down Ontario’s $162 billion in debt.

4 – Thicken My Wallet discusses how a dividend cut may not be the worse thing for a company. There were a lot of solid companies that have cut their dividends during this recession that will come out stronger for it.

5 – The Strump brings up the idea of food co-ops. I like this concept and works well if you’re close with your neighbors.

6 – Dividends4Life notes some warning signs of upcoming dividend cuts. Another great article to add to my collection which will help me develop my own strategy.

7 – Michael James graphs breakeven dates for market timers. A visual aid helps represent how long you would have to wait before you breakeven.

8 – The Financial Blogger reminds us why market timing doesn’t work. Its important to be reminded because its easy to get caught in the in market.

9 – Give Me Back My Five Bucks answers a reader’s question about her shift in focus from debt repayment to spending in her article posts. An interesting read about striking a balance in your life.

10 – Canadian Finance Blog talks about how to negotiate a deal with an emphasis on being prepared to walk away.



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